Become a Model

Frequently Asked Questions

Information for new models

We are frequently asked ‘What does it cost to become a model’ and ‘How much should I have to pay an agency to take me on their books?’ The answer to the second question is nothing . No agency should charge a model purely to be represented. There must be no upfront fees charged by any agency. Agencies make their income from commission, which they take from fees earned from jobs. No reputable agency charges models to just to be on their books, nor do they charge for interviews or assessments. The answer to the first question is more complicated. There are certain items, which you will need to acquire in order to become a model. The most obvious is, of course, professional photographs. However, these are not required in order to apply to an agency.  In fact, agencies would prefer to see just a clear snapshot of yourself, with very little make up, in order to make a decision as to whether to offer you an interview. Please do not pay out for expensive professional photos before seeing an agency, as the photos will probably not be right for modelling work and many prospective models have been charged a ridiculous amount of money for useless shots. If you are taken on with an agency they will be able to point you in the direction of a good, reasonably priced photographer. At DK we can obtain a portfolio shoot for you for only £75.

Registering with DK Model Management

Adults / Established models

Complete the online registration form and email together with a couple of portfolio shots. We will then contact you to arrange an interview.

Prospective models

Complete the online registration and send together with a couple of up to date photos. Your own photos are ok. Anything that shows you clearly will be fine. Do not pay for any professional shots at this stage, as we will help you to arrange these if you are accepted. If you wish to send photos by post and would like them to be returned you must enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

If accepted you will be required to attend an initial interview to assess your suitability for modelling.


We accept children from birth to 16 years of age. Complete the online registration form and send together with a couple of snaps and give the childs name, date of birth, and a contact telephone number for Mum or Dad. If we feel that we can find suitable work we will get in touch and invite you to bring your child along for an interview.

At that stage we will explain how to obtain a licence for your child to model and will arrange a professional photo shoot.